• Ashkelon Child Development Center

    Ashkelon Child Development Center

    IHF and Clalit are building a Child Development Center in Ashkelon. This border town, just eight miles north of Gaza, will have an integrated and comprehensive facility to serve the 14,000 children who are in Clalit’s care. Children with autism, mental and physical delays and cerebral palsy will have access to occupational, physical and speech therapies. Children with emotional or neurological disorders now have options for much-needed care.

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  • Grant Announcement: Jewish Healthcare Foundation in Support of Clalit’s Nurse Practitioner Initiative

    The Israel Healthcare Foundation is delighted to receive a new grant from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation in Pittsburgh, PA, for $10,000 in support of Clalit’s initiative to train 65 experienced nurses to become nurse practitioners over the next five…

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  • Kiryat Shmona Ambulatory Care Center

    In peace and in war, Kiryat Shmona is Israel’s front line. A robust military presence often doubles Kiryat Shmona’s civilian population of 22,000. Since 2006, Kiryat Shmona has absorbed almost a dozen missile attacks. Located 40 minutes from the nearest…

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  • New Intensive Care Unit at Emek Medical Center

    New Intensive Care Unit at Emek Medical Center

    Emek Medical Center serves more than 700.000 residents in northern Israel, but only has six adult ICU beds for this underserved population. IHF is raising funds to help Clalit build a new adult ICU ward to triple the number of beds and double the pediatric ICU and add 10 new cribs to the neonatal ICU. This compelling project will enable Emek to meet the national mandate of 5% of hospital beds in ICUs.

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