Emek Medical Center

Emek Medical Center main facade and emergency entrance

City: Afula

Region: North

Emek’s 537 beds serve the 500,000 residents in its catchment area, but many additional patients come from more distant regions. Emek’s most popular services include pediatric intensive care and surgery; ocular orbital and retinal surgery, colon and breast cancer, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in gastroenterology and radiology and genetics.

The Emek campus contains several specialized facilities, including a nursing school, a multidisciplinary tower – which is home to a Palliative Care Unit, ENT Specialists, a Laparoscopy department, secure ORs, OBGYN and maternity units, natal care units, and pediatric ICU and surgeries unit– and northeast Israel’s first rehabilitation center. Dr. Shulamit Katzman Cancer Center (Beit Shulamit), which as a comprehensive Breast Care facility and Pediatric Oncology department, several research facilities, and a protected surgical pavilion, are also on Emek’s campus.

Emek is a very important resource for Israel’s northern population, which has fewer resources than the rest of the country and therefore is more dependent on the public system. The north’s poverty rate is 30.2%, compared to 8.8% in Tel Aviv – almost a four-fold increase. Towns and kibbutzim are isolated. It takes four hours to travel by bus from Kiryat Shmoneh to Tel Aviv, making it difficult to travel for medical care.

Emek operates at 105% capacity; in some departments, it runs at over 110% capacity, treating 44,500 patients annually in the in-patient units, and another 145,000 individuals in the emergency departments. Outpatient services handle 240,000 visits yearly. There are more than 4,500 births at Emek each year.